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Finance Conference 2018

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

"From Data To Decision"

"From Reporting To Discovery"

"Seeing Beyond The Numbers"

# ESSA: Eliminate, Simplify, Standardise, Automation

"Culture change, it starts with the mindset and from the ground"

"Finance talent should strive for the highest level of curiosity at the highest level of evolution within Finance"

These were the few nuggets of wisdom learnt from 2018’s Finance Conference. We were honoured to have outstanding C-suite and Finance Shared Service Leaders from Fortune 500 companies who contributed their honest and insightful opinions.

Participants learnt how to create more value for their organizations and transform Finance from a ‘support’ to a ‘value-added business partnering’ function. It was indeed a fruitful experience as participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the top industry leaders.

Here is a highlight of our 2018 Finance Transformation & Shared Service Conference:


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