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AGOS GBS Summit 2022

Checkout our AGOS GBS Summit 2022 video!

Held on the 6th-8th Sept 2022, our 3-day hybrid event carried the theme "Powering Ahead the Growth of GBS; Exploring Digitalisation, New Technology & New Ways of Working".

This 5th edition of GBS Summit has served as a remarkable knowledge sharing and networking platform for practitioners; through expert presentations, panel sessions, roundtable discussions and workshops.

We have looked outward (globally) and forward (technology for the future) and deep dive into the pertinent areas for us as GBS practitioners within process, people and technology.

We're proud to see such great engagement and participation! We will see you for more discussion points from now till the next AGOS GBS Summit 2023. Till then, have a good reflection and reach out to us for future topics of interest!

For more information on AGOS Asia, visit our website at or contact us at


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