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Are your Finance & Accounting processes automated?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Close to 25 participants joined us in the RPA workshop previously which was organised by AGOS in collaboration with UiPath. It was indeed a great sharing session which started off with AGOS Asia's CEO, Joon Teoh providing an introduction to RPA. Participants were introduced to various RPA selection processes and case studies throughout the session.

RPA is no longer just a buzz word nowadays as more organisations are embarking on their automation journeys. This trend is especially popular among companies in the banking and insurance industries where there is high volume of documents which are processed manually. Common use cases of RPA in the banking and insurance industries include KYC processes, account closure and claims processing. Contrary to popular belief that the adoption of RPA will result in job losses, RPA actually improves employee motivation and satisfaction as they are allocated to perform value-added tasks, instead of boring and repetitive tasks. 

Then, you would ask, which processes in my organisation are suitable for RPA? Companies are encouraged to automate:

  • Highly manual and repetitive processes

  • Rule based processes

  • Processes with low exception rate

  • Processes with standard readable electronic input type

  • High volume processes

  • Changeable processing method or system change

  • Automation savings in terms of FTE 

  • Mature and stable processes

The automation complexity also depends on the number of applications and type of environment involved. 

Curious to know more? Feel free to contact us or drop us an email at We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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