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Investment in technology is ultimately, at the core of it - An Investment in People!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

In technology investment, many organisations follow the steps of business case approval and subsequently a choppy implementation journey ; only to realise that budgets have been overspent and the people are not on board.

Are there any smart moves to prevent this?

Perhaps it’s a matter of thinking ahead and investing in your people (and not just the systems!) way ahead. And it is about crafting a governance structure in advance and putting it in place in the early stages of the technology investment.

How about a COE? Or a Finance Standards Council?

Join us in a passionate discussion together with Phillipa Cummine , Change Manager and ERP Goverance & Controls, B&Q (United Kingdom) in discussing the required governance and what are the “smart moves” in realising the investment within ERP implementation in the upcoming AGOS FINANCE SUMMIT 2019 on the 9th and 10th April.

For more details:

Phillipa has broad international experience in SAP Projects and Finance. She joined British American Tobacco in 2001 as SAP Project Manager with responsibilities to deliver the efficiencies in the systems that were missed in the initial system delivery.

Phillipa joined B&Q part of Kingfisher PLC as the Finance Change Manager for the Easier SAP Template programme in March 2015 where she continues to work with the business and IT Delivery teams to deliver standardised processes and ways of working across the group.


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