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Finance Shared Services Implementation 2 

Overview of Case Study

A British multinational information technology consulting company that offers solutions for software design, process, maintenance, training and information flow has decided to set up a Finance Shared Service Center in KL, Malaysia to support the APAC region in the Procure to Pay (“P2P”), Invoice to Cash (“I2C”) and Record to Report ("R2R") functions. 

AGOS FSS Case Study.png


To implement the FSSC to support APAC region for various finance workstreams whilst ensuring business run as usual.

Specifically, the AGOS team is requested to deliver the following:

1. Implementation of the FSSC 

  • Optimal To Be Processes for P2P, I2C, R2R and Organisation Structure of the FSSC

  • Process Improvement Recommendations

  • Project and Transition Management

2. Implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

  • KPI Analysis and Recommendations

  • KPI Technology Solutions with Dashboards for KPI reporting


During the implementation of the Shared Service Centre (SSC), the AGOS team developed the global SSC Service Catalogue, which served as a comprehensive reference for stakeholders to ensure clarity and consistency in service offerings.


A detailed plan for building the full-time equivalent (FTE) workforce and designing the SSC organisation structure was established.


A set of global Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was agreed upon. These KPIs served as benchmarks for reporting and monitoring the SSC's performance. Furthermore, a KPI Dashboard was developed, providing a centralised and visual representation of key metrics for effective decision-making.


The AGOS team also developed the detailed SSC implementation roadmap and project managed the transition, including the knowledge transfer.

AGOS FSS Case Study 2.png


APAC SSC implementation was completed within timeline, and all deliverables from project management were delivered.

Client Testimony

"One of the main value proposition of the AGOS Team is their flexibility and agility- in fine tuning the scope and work and deliverables with changes in requirements and direction throughout the years of the project"

The AGOS Advantage for Finance Shared Services

We are a group of Shared Services Practitioners with > 15 years of  Finance Shared Services and Shared Services experience. We have been Senior Finance Leadership Team members and have the experience in developing Target Operating Model and successfully implementing Finance Transformation strategy for MNCs from US, UK, Germany, Japan, Korea. We strengthen the ecosystem offering by providing a ready to execute management team for Finance Shared Services set up in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

The AGOS Advantage for Finance Shared Services

Managed large Finance Shared Services team of >100 pax and strengthened the ecosystem offerings by providing a ready-to-execute management team for Finance Shared Services set up in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

The AGOS Advantage for Finance Shared Services

Effective change agents for your organisation and team by us “proving” to the team on efficient and effective Finance practices.

The AGOS Advantage for Finance Shared Services

Strong network with CFOs and Senior Finance Leadership team (Head of FSS, Head of GBS, Head of Finance Transformation) of MNCs in Southeast Asia.

The AGOS Advantage for Finance Shared Services

Implemented 6 Captive Finance Shared Services setup for global organisations within the Pharmaceutical, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Chemical , software, irrigation, media industry.

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