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Does the RPA workforce need more or less humans after all?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

At the back of an ERP implementation, there are typically gaps to be filled within business and finance processes. An example could be an automated conversion of a Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order. This is a repetitive process which can be automated using a RPA software. With RPA in place, there should be no more human intervention nor manual work.

Or is this really the case?

Finance professionals often lament that certain elements of their work will be replaced by RPA software at some point in their career. That is true but what we are still grappling with is how do we effectively maintain and manage these RPA solutions.

What happens during a RPA “downtime”? How do we reduce the risk of this happening? Could it mean less work for Finance but more work for IT? And does it mean Finance is no longer pure Finance but a blended Finance and IT skills?

How does this equation translate into the headcount and skillset required within Finance or/and IT organisational structure of the future?

Join us in a passionate discussion together with Yasmin Mohd Ramzi , Head of Service Delivery, Tenaga Global Business Solutions in building our GBS talent, co-existing with the new recruits of RPA workforce in the upcoming AGOS FINANCE SUMMIT 2019 on the 9th and 10th April in Malaysia (An event brought to you by AGOS Asia)


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