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Mastering Excellence: Navigating the Establishment and Evolution of CoEs in GBS Centers

Are you looking to establish a stronghold of expertise within your organisation?


Embarking on the journey to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) within your organization is akin to laying down the cornerstone of expertise and innovation.


Here's a guide that delves into the depths of CoEs, exploring their purpose, benefits and the invaluable lessons learned from both successes and challenges.

Unlocking the Power of CoEs: A Strategic Imperative

A Center of Excellence (CoE) isn't just a department; it's a strategic imperative designed to consolidate expertise, resources, and best practices processes under one roof. By fostering cross-functional collaboration and embracing emerging technologies, CoEs serve as dynamic hubs for organizational agility and adaptability. It plays a pivotal role in talent development and support, offering training, upskilling initiatives, and technical assistance to empower employees across various functions and roles.

What is Center of Excellence (CoE)

A Center of Excellence (CoE) should establish and enforce standards and best practices, provide comprehensive guidance and governance, and engage in continuous research and benchmarking. This includes designing, documenting, implementing, and testing standards to ensure consistency and compliance. The CoE offers training, mentoring, and coaching to facilitate adherence, while governance ensures process and platform compliance and effective knowledge management. By researching emerging technologies and market trends, the CoE future-proofs the organisation. Benchmarking against industry standards and conducting gap analyses ensures continuous improvement and sustainability. Regular reviews and updates keep practices relevant and aligned with strategic goals.

7 common divisions established in GBS CoE

The challenges and how to address it: Strategies for Success


 “Challenges are inevitable in establishing CoEs, from redundancy risks to resistance from existing teams. Clear delineation of roles, integrated operating models, and fostering collaboration are key strategies to address these hurdles and ensure CoEs thrive within the organisation.”


The Challenges:

1)     The Risk of Increasing Redundancies Within the Organisation - CoEs may duplicate tasks and roles already performed by existing resources.

2)     Lack of Understanding of Business or functional needs - leading to misconceptions and misalignment between the CoE and other teams.

3)     Resistance to Change and Acceptance of the CoE - existing functional teams perceiving it as a threat to their autonomy and authority.

How to address CoE challenges ?

Realising the Benefits: Driving Organisational Excellence

The establishment of Center of Excellence (CoEs) brings forth a myriad of benefits that propel organisations towards excellence:

1)     Efficient Resource Utilisation: By consolidating expertise and skills, CoEs facilitate broader access and increased efficiency in resource allocation.

2)     Accelerated Delivery of Results: CoEs minimise bottlenecks and enhance collaboration, resulting in accelerated delivery of projects and initiatives.

3)     Cost Optimisation: Through streamlined workflows and elimination of redundancies, CoEs lead to significant cost savings for the organization.

4)     Standardised Best Practices: CoEs enforce standardized best practices, ensuring consistency in product and service delivery, thereby enhancing overall quality for customers.



“Center of Excellence (CoE) teams are invaluable assets to cultivate and advance due to their forward-looking attributes.”


They represent a fusion of top-tier talent, state-of-the-art tools and platforms, and extensive knowledge repositories that drive best practices, research, support, and training within their respective domains. It is undeniable that CoEs offer invaluable business insights, leading to informed decision-making and ultimately contributing to organizational success. 

The next question is how does a GBS effectively set up a COE?


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