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Analytics for business growth, as well as compliance; Powered by a strong Global Agenda

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

GBS organisations are undergoing transformation in embedding RPA and Analytics and have made good progress in moving towards a value added business partner to the business via analytics.

Sitting on a voluminous amount of data such volume and turnover trend, as well as customer interaction and transaction data ; insights can be derived to help drive growth in revenue.

Another growing segment where analytics are being used is in compliance and fraud detection. Trend analysis and red flag can be built into the system controls to ensure alerts can be made.

All these initiatives are made possible with a strong global mandate, leveraging on strength of different GBS locations globally.

How do we execute this as flawlessly as we possibly can and leapfrog our GBS organisation to be a trusted value added business partner to the business?

Join us in an exciting discussion on RPA, AI and analytics together with Nickolay Georgiev , Senior Director, DHL APAC Finance Shared Services in the upcoming AGOS FINANCE SUMMIT 2019 on the 9th and 10th April.

Nickolay Georgiev, Senior Director at DHL APAC Finance Shared Services based in Kuala Lumpur. Managing team of 170 international specialists and providing Billing and Key Account Desk services to over 250 territories worldwide. Nickolay is a Finance professional with over 20 years’ Shared Services experience in Europe and Asia with various Change and Leadership roles in Finance and IT. He is leading high performing teams in multicultural settings with strong focus on business transformations, continuously improving service delivery and customer experience by driving standardization, building talent for the future, and establishing strong stakeholders relationships based on results and business value.


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