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RPA Finance and Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ? 


Interact with a computer-centric process with a software User Interface providing support


Configure software that will automate the activities or tasks previously performed by humans


Use a Robot to run applications non-invasively, exactly same way that a person works with that software


Replace repetitive tasks performed by humans, with a virtual workforce


Allow humans to make judgmental calls, handle exceptions and provide oversight

Key components involved

pattern-bg (1).png

Attended Bot

pattern-bg (6).png

Unattended Bot

pattern-bg (5).png

Control Panel

pattern-bg (4).png

Optical Character


pattern-bg (3).png

Task Mining

pattern-bg (2).png

Process Mining


Key Benefits

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productivity gains

str-numbering (4).png

Increase data


str-numbering (3).png

Provide a platform for business to scale up

str-numbering (2).png

Fill in the gaps for manual work within an ERP process

What can RPA do for the Finance and Accounting Function?

What can RPA do for Finance and Accounting Function

Increase efficiency and effectiveness through automation and digitalisation

What can RPA do for Finance and Accounting Function

Perform manual and non value-added work, allowing Finance talent to focus on analysis and insights generation

What can RPA do for Finance and Accounting Function

Improve control & governance

What can RPA do for Finance and Accounting Function

Upskill Talent & increase productivity

Common Use Cases of RPA in
Finance and Human Resources

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Accounts Payable

  • Performing 2- and/or 3-way invoice matches

  • Maintain vendor master data

  • Vendor reconciliations

  • Generate batch payment and upload to bank platform

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3d-cube (4).png
3d-cube (2).png
3d-cube (3).png

GL & Reporting

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Intercompany reconciliations

  • Automate journal entries

  • Monthly management reports

Human Resources

  • Payroll data entry

  • Employee data management

  • Benefits administration

  • Compliance & reporting

Accounts Receivable

  • Generating customer invoices

  • Applying cash to outstanding balances

  • Send late payment reminders to customers

Other Areas

  • Download files from front-end systems and upload into ERP

Challenges Faced in RPA implementation

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Low awareness & understanding of the business case of RPA by top management

str-numbering (4).png

Low understanding

of processes and prioritisation for automation

str-numbering (3).png

Lack of skilled

Business Analysts

and Developers

str-numbering (2).png

High resistance to

change by business users


Low maintenance capabilities

The AGOS Advantage for RPA

We are a group of Shared Services Practitioners with > 15 years of  Finance Shared Services and Shared Services experience. We have been Senior Finance Leadership Team members and have the experience in driving implementation of large scale technology projects such as single instance ERP implementation, finance automation and RPA for Finance for organisations within FMCG, Fintech, pharmaceutical, public sector, shipping, retail clothing and automative


Our Finance Domain Expertise

We help Finance Shared Services and Chief Finance Officers in readiness activities, blueprinting, implementation and change management for ERP Implementation, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Automation of Finance Processes and Automation of global Finance consolidation and Finance Analytics.

Our Finance Automation Implementation

Thus far, we have implemented 60+ Finance related RPA processes, ERP ( Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE) , procure to pay solutions ( Esker, Ariba), visualisation tools, finance consolidation tools.


Our Superuser Business Knowledge

We have in dept business user knowledge for key ERP systems, procure to pay solutions, finance consolidation and visualisation tools.

Our Change Agent Role

We are effective change agents for your team in undergoing finance digital transformation. With our experience in managing 300 to 600 staff strength within Global FSS, we are able to bring out the best in the teams we work with.

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