Shared Services

Transform your business by consolidating your global support services such as Finance, HR, Procurement and IT, with Malaysia as your preferred location for Shared Services.  Maximize synergies by allowing businesses to focus on their core whilst being supported by a fully integrated, multifunctional shared services

Feasibility Study

With our deep experience in shared services, we can assist to develop the Shared Services Model, location preference and overall Business Case

Design of "To-Be" People, Process & Technology

We specialise in designing the effective process and people structure which will meet your business objectives and growth aspiration and assist in choosing enabling technologies  to make this work

Implementation & Change Management

We can lead the implementation activities, help convince skeptics and work towards an effective transition process with you and team. Along the way, we will help upskill your team in Shared Services

Shared Services Operations

How do you effectively manage your Shared Services going forward, with the right tools in performance management, knowledge management and continuous improvement