Robotics process Automation

Transforming business processes – Enhanced productivity & reducing cost

RPA seamlessly automates tasks that are highly manual, repetitive and rules-based, requiring low human discretion. Automating low-value activities allows organisations to focus on value-added activities. These software robots run on top of existing IT infrastructure, mimicking human actions and automating repetitive tasks across multiple business applications.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software bot which mimics human actions, enabling organisations to build a ‘virtual workforce’ to handle manual and repetitive tasks. Companies can focus on building up their talents to perform value-added tasks as these software bots take over mundane tasks such as data entry and reconciliations.

These software robots run on top of existing IT infrastructure, hence requiring minimal IT investments. Finance can take on an active role in implementing RPA throughout your company,

benefits of rpa

Increase productivity

Up to 65% savings in time spent performing manual tasks

consistent quality

Consistent results of the required standards and 100% accurate


Ramp up or down easily, adapting to changing business needs

minimal it effort

RPA runs on top of existing IT system, without system integration

Potential Applications of RPA

accounting & Finance

  • Reconciliations

  • Integration with multiple systems

  • Data retrieval and population of data

  • File and folder management

  • Automated matching and posting

human resources

  • Employee onboarding

  • Employee data management

  • Claims processing

  • Leave management

  • Compliance reporting 

what can agos do for your organisation?

Identify potential candidates for automation

build your transformation roadmap

implement automation

test & refine automation, train your staff

Maintain and manage your digital workforce

Kickstart your rpa journey with us

Embark on your automation journey with us. With our expertise on robotic process automation (RPA), we assist our clients to identify suitable processes for automation. With tailor-made solutions, we ensure you reap the maximum benefits of RPA. Besides building your company’s transformation roadmap, we’ll build up your team’s capabilities so that you can scale up your RPA project with ease.



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