Don’t Adopt IR4.0, Ride it!

A response by Finance and Finance Shared Services professionals

Many ask 'What is IR 4.0?' Already, artificial intelligence is around us, from virtual personal assistants to self-driving cars and Google Maps which suggests the fastest route from Point A to B. Automation and artificial intelligence are the change agents in the 4th Industrial Revolution, bringing about growth which is far more exponential than what we have witnessed in the past 30 years.

This phenomenon is forcing companies to re-examine the way they do business, challenge the current ways of operation and continuously innovate. As Finance and Finance Shared Services professionals, what is our role in helping our organisation to navigate through this complex changes? How do we define future business processes and overlaying it with finance processes? Are we playing a supporting role or can we take on a leading role in riding the challenges & opportunities of IR4.0?

Join us at the AGOS Finance Summit 2019 to find out how Finance and GBS professionals have responded to IR4.0! Find out the possibilities of applying analytics, AI and blockchain in your businesses. These technologies are not only for the big boys as we'll discuss how local SMEs can leverage on these technologies to scale up fast.

Learn more about:

  • How to improve productivity via automation and robotics in P2P, O2C and R2R

  • Creating value for your business via predictive finance analytics (Accountants are no longer known as bean-counters!)

  • Ways to govern your technology investments and ultimately achieving the desired benefits of your business case

  • The importance of a cloud-based single platform ERP and ways to ensure successful ERP implementation

  • Potential automation solutions available in the market

  • Design thinking and change management

  • Talent readiness

Practicing practitioners who have experience implementing automation and robotics will be present to share the challenges and key success factors with you.

See you at AGOS Finance Summit 2019!

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